Friday December 16th, 2016

Nielsen market research firm, conducted a study in Europe, through which has tested during the past 2 years 9,900 products which were launched across the continent,of which found 11 products that “broke it”. These generated US$ 9, 36MM in sales during the first year of launch and maintain at least 90% in the second year.

“The design of the packaging is the black sheep in the world of marketing. Receiveslittle attention compared to other disciplines of marketing and its impact tends to be underestimated”Indian Ben Schubert, of Nielsen innovation practices in Europe and co-author of the report. “Return to the basic tools of marketing, such as the essence which is the presence at the point of sale, which has been lost a bit in the world of marketing since the marketeros have focused on investment in advertising in a media saturated world. Almost 60% of the purchase decision is made at the point of sale, on the shelf, and 56% of Europeans say they have as their main source of discovery of products, stores; compared with 45% who say they have as their main source ofTV ads”

Although this study was conducted in Europe, let us glimpse of how consumers behave in general, as well as also rethought the marketing tools that we must take intoaccount at the time of placing a product on the market, so in LitoPrint we care about the development of new designs and carry out constant tests the usefulness of gaskets to provide news to the marketeros so that they can find in us a Allied to the positioning of the various products that launch to the market.

So the next time you launch a product on the market or want to gain more insight in it, I replanteé your packaging design, remember that the opportunity to conquer your consumer is performed at the moment of truth, at the time of purchase.

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